A woman stands in front of an APHA 2022 Social Media Lab sign with a microphone asking at the APHA 2022 Tweetup while a man stands off to the side with his own microphone.

Two women with masks on look down at their phones during the APHA 2022 Tweetup.

A woman in a dark orange cardigan and white mask sits on an ottoman looking down and typing on her smartphone.

A woman in a blue blazer and white shirt and a black mask stands in front of a high-top table typing on her laptop.

APHA 2022 attendees gathered on-site Monday for the APHA and the de Beaumont Foundation’s 5th Annual Sunset Tweetup. The event was open to anyone on Twitter, allowing public health professionals to take part online from anywhere. Questions were asked live during the event to encourage discussion about the great things about public health. The #APHATweetup is sponsored and moderated by the de Beaumont Foundation.

Photos courtesy EZ Event Photography.