This guest post from Colin Gutierrez, MPH, program associate with the Public Health Institute, explores opportunities to engage with the Health in All Policies concept at APHA 2018. Colin supports the California Health in All Policies Task Force at the Strategic Growth Council, working to promote safe and healthy communities and providing research and project management support to the Task Force’s Action Plan to Promote Violence-Free and Resilient Communities.

Creating health equity is a guiding priority and core value of APHA, and of the Health in All Policies movement. Everyone should have the opportunity to attain their highest level of health, and Health in All Policies practitioners will share their stories about how they are advancing equity on two panels at APHA’s 2018 Annual Meeting and Expo, themed “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Health Equity Now.

Health in All Policies is a public health approach that is used as a strategy for addressing the complex factors that influence health and equity, also referred to as the social determinants of health, which include educational attainment, housing, transportation options, and neighborhood safety.

These panels are being organized by the Public Health Institute and leaders of California’s Health in All Policies Task Force, which has worked at the leading edge of the health equity movement since its inception in 2010. The Task Force incorporates equity as a core principle with its work in policy areas as diverse as transportation, housing, land use, education, and social services.

On Monday, Nov. 12 a four-person panel will feature presentations by public health leaders who have effectively integrated health and social equity as a key focus of their Health in All Policies work. Presenters will discuss how they have built political support for this work, how they have used health equity strategies to build partnerships with non-health fields, share successes and lessons learned, and reflect on challenges and solutions.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13 a three-person panel will discuss the critical role that public health is playing in advancing racial equity in government, through a partnership with Race Forward’s Government Alliance on Race and Equity. Over 100 government jurisdictions across the country are participating in this movement, and the panel will feature practitioner perspectives.

Both interactive sessions will include an opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss opportunities and challenges with the panelists.

3335.0 – Using Health in All Policies to Advance Equity: A California Showcase

Monday, Nov. 12, 3:00-4:30pm.

Featured panelists include: Tina Yuen, ChangeLab Solutions; Gabino Arrendondo, City of Richmond; Julia Caplan, California Health in All Polices Task Force; and Sara Bosse, Madera County Public Health Department. Moderated by Dahir Nasser, California Department of Public Health.

4329.0 – Governing for Racial Equity to Support a Healthy California

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 3:00-4:30pm.

Featured panelists include: Analilia Garcia, Santa Clara County Public Health Department; Meredith Lee, California Department of Public Health; Julia Caplan, California’s Health in All Polices Task Force. Moderated by Renee Badruzzaman from Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative.

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