Many of the attendees at a Monday evening Geeks Meet session on gun violence in America came fresh from sessions on firearm violence and were ready to debate, vent and pose difficult questions. Thoughts and prayers were saved for another time.

I support a public health approach to gun violence prevention because...Attendees broke into virtual groups of five to 10 people for much of the 30-minute meet, then everyone reconvened for a final five-minute gathering. Most of the discussions involved the politics and culture in America that favor gun ownership.

Some comments included:

“The question (of gun ownership) is so ideological, I don’t know if we can use reason (when debating pro-gun advocates).”

“What is driving the presence of guns is fear of the other. That is at the heart of the gun violence.”

“How do we deal with people with conservative beliefs who don’t want to hear about the evidence against gun ownership?”

“I try to move them toward viewing gun violence through a public health lens.”

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