A Black woman with long black hair and wearing a purple outfit and gold hoop earrings holds a microphone and speaks on stage while sitting on a red couch.

A blonde white woman wearing tortoise-shell eyeglasses, a black blouse and dark red pants sits with her legs crossed on a red couch on stage while gesturing with her hands while speaking.

Claude Jacob and E. Oscar Alleyne at APHA board orientation.

Kevin McIntyre sits at a table and chats with a woman with long dark hair and her back to the camera.

White woman with blonde bob and wearing eyeglasses smiles while talking to another person with their back to the camera.

New APHA President Ella Greene Moton sits in a comfy orange chair and smiles while listening to others.

Three young adult women smile and pose in front of an APHA 2024 sign while pointing to the sign.

Photos courtesy EZ Event Photography.