A man in a maroon blazer and blue shirt speaks while sitting in a chair during a session discussion; a younger man sitting next to him  watches and listens.

A woman in a blue shirt sits in a wheelchair while speaking in a session; next to her are two men who are fellow panelists.

An older black woman wearing a multicolored scarf and sitting on a scooter holds a smartphone and eyeglasses in her left hand a microphone in her right hand while speaking.

A white woman grins at the camera while holding up a piece of paper with a picture on it that she colored.

A Black woman in red sweater smiles and stands in front of the Community Health Workers booth while another woman takes a photo of her with a smartphone.

A middle-aged woman sits sideways in a chair smiling toward the front of the room at a session.

A person with a reddish-brown beard and brown hair holds an open laptop while standing in front of a microphone preparing to speak.

Two women representing the School Health & Wellness Section sit next to each other and have a discussion.

Photos courtesy EZ Event Photography.