The front of the Creekside High School Band Drumline drums and marches down an aisle with APHA attendees standing and facing them on either side of the aisle.

APHA President Chris Chanyasulkit smiles and gestures behind a podium at the APHA Opening Session.

Two white women sit in blue chairs and are in conversation for attendees at the APHA Opening Session

A staff woman for HHS's Rachel Levine takes a photo of Levine with a young white man who was showing Levine his poster during the APHA poster session.

A Black woman with braids points to her poster in the APHA poster session as she explains her findings to another woman.

Rodrigo Siqueira Reis

A young man stands proud and smiling against a black backdrop as a professional photographer takes his headshot at APHA Central in the exhibit hall.

Photos courtesy EZ Event Photography.