Ayana N. Jones, environmental health fellow at APHA, previews this APHA 2018 session focused on children’s environmental health services.

A wide variety of services make up the environmental health system, and many of these services are important for children’s health. Hazardous environmental exposures can have long term effects on the health, cognitive and physical development of our children. Recent studies demonstrate the disproportionate impact on communities of color and low-income communities. With new environmental health crises emerging, such as climate change, communities are becoming increasingly concerned about the health of their children.

Join us at the APHA 2018 session, Protecting Our Children: A National Review of Environmental Health Services session, on Monday, Nov. 12, 3b– 4:30 p.m. at the APHA Annual Meeting and Expo to learn how local, state, and federal public health and environmental health agencies can better serve their communities and help improve the health of children.

Moderated by Leyla McCurdy, Director of Climate for Health of ecoAmerica, this panel will explore the results and implications of a national scan of environmental health services and community voices from residents in Flint, Michigan, and Washington, D.C.

Natasha DeJarnett, PhD, policy analyst in the APHA Center for Public Health Policy, will discuss the methodology and major findings of the national scan. Tia Taylor Williams, director of the APHA Center for Public Health Policy, will describe lessons learned and policy and practice recommendations for improving accessibility of information on children’s environmental health services.

E. Yvonne Lewis, founder and CEO of the National Center for African American Health Consciousness, will share examples of how community-based partners in Flint, Michigan, are working to improve community relations and accessibility of services.

All children have the right to live, grow and play in environments that foster their health. Check out this session and dozens more on environmental health at APHA 2018 to learn how we can all work together to protect the health of our children.

APHA’s Annual Meeting is the largest annual gathering of public health professionals. Thousands of people attend, and thousands of new scientific papers are presented each year on every public health topic. APHA 2018’s theme, “Creating the Healthiest Nation: Health Equity Now” puts health equity at the center of our field’s attention.