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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to Public Health Newswire, the daily blog of the American Public Health Association. Please review the following guidelines as you develop your post for publication consideration. Questions? Please let us know!

  1. Length — Aim for 500-700 words in length, but use the space you need to effectively convey your message.
  2. Tone and content — Follow general blog guidelines using an engaging, conversational tone. This is not a peer-reviewed journal, but please check your facts and figures. Give credit to your sources.
  3. Style — The blog follows AP style. You don’t need to adhere to AP style rules when you submit your guest post, but our editors may make light edits for AP style before publication.
  4. Hyperlinks — Hyperlinks are welcome, especially as you point to related resources or supporting information. Please be thoughtful about the links you provide and keep them to a minimum.
  5. Photo — We like to run a headshot of our guest bloggers with their post. Please send a color photo of yourself as a JPG along with your submission. You’re welcome to submit other images for consideration to run with your post as long as you own the rights or have permission. We will need photo credits.
  6. Author bio — Please submit a one or two sentence bio so we may appropriately introduce you and your post to our readers.
  7. Promotion — Once published, we encourage you to share your post with your followers on social media and other communications to promote comments and sharing of your content. We will happily do the same.