Public health isn’t confined to hospitals and clinics; it’s woven into the fabric of daily lives. From the safety of streets to the strength of communities, it comprises everything that shapes well-being.

National Public Health Week kicks off on April 1 and it’s more than just a week-long event. It’s a nationwide celebration of health, community and progress. This year, NPHW has a renewed focus on the vitality of our communities and the interconnection of our health. It will embark on a journey of celebration, education and collaboration, connected by this year’s theme: “Protecting, Connecting and Thriving: We Are All Public Health.”

The theme emphasizes that public health covers far more than just health care. Everyone is linked and when they unite, individuals, families, communities and the public health field alike can achieve remarkable goals.

NPHW is for more than just APHA members, according to Lindsey Wahowiak, the Association’s director of Affiliate Affairs. People of various races and ethnicities hold hands

“It's also for the general public,” she said. “They are the biggest part of public health, so we make sure they can see themselves in NPHW.” 

Throughout the week, each day will shine a spotlight on a different facet of public health.  Monday will focus on civic engagement; Tuesday, healthy neighborhoods; Wednesday, climate change; Thursday, new tools and innovations; Friday, reproductive and sexual health; Saturday, emergency preparedness; and Sunday, future of public health. Fact sheets and graphics for each of the daily themes are available on the NPHW website in both English and Spanish.

The NPHW calendar is brimming with engaging events tailored to diverse interests and audiences. From enlightening webinars to interactive panels, there’s something for everyone eager to join the conversation. Noteworthy events include the NPHW kickoff forum on April 1, featuring drag queen, environmentalist and LGBTQ+ activist Pattie Gonia. Student Day is Tuesday, April 2, with events that offer valuable insights for those starting their careers in public health. 

Public health advocates should be sure to join the NPHW Chat on X and Threads on April 3, where participants will delve into all things public health. 

Across the U.S., communities are hosting a range of exciting events and sharing them on the NPHW calendar. They include wellness festivals, campus events and environmental health symposiums. Advocates are also engaging with policymakers on local proclamations, organizing events and spreading awareness.

There’s also excitement to be found in APHA’s Keep It Moving Challenge, continuing through April 7. The challenge inspires people to prioritize physical activity and well-being. With more than 2,000 participants on board, it’s a testament to the power of collective action in fostering healthier lifestyles and communities.


Photo by Sabrina Bacher, courtesy iStockphoto