NPR – Hurricane Delta poised to become a major storm; Winds already at 110 MPH

Hurricane Delta is now on the verge of becoming a major storm, after rapidly intensifying in the Caribbean. The hurricane has sustained winds up to 110 mph; it's heading toward the northern Gulf Coast, the National Hurricane Center says. Its winds could soon top 130 mph.

Associated Press – California wildfires are huge this year, but not deadliest

With months still to go in California’s fire season, the state has already shattered records for the amount of land scorched in a single year — more than 4 million acres to date, with one blaze alone surpassing the 1 million acre mark. Five of the 10 largest wildfires in state history have occurred since August.

Kaiser Health News – Easier-to-use coronavirus saliva tests start to catch on

As the coronavirus pandemic broke out across the country, health care providers and scientists relied on the standard method for detecting respiratory viruses: sticking a long swab deep into the nose to get a sample. The obstacles to implementing such testing on a mass scale quickly became clear.

NPR – CDC acknowledges coronavirus can spread via airborne transmission

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says the coronavirus can be spread through airborne particles that can linger in the air "for minutes or even hours" — even among people who are more than 6 feet apart.