Associated Press – FDA extends pregnancy warning for common pain relievers

Pregnant women should avoid a group of common pain relievers including Advil and Aleve for the last four months of pregnancy, federal health officials said Thursday, expanding the warning from three months.

The Hill – Methane emissions up in 2020 amid turbulent year for oil and gas

Methane emissions have jumped so far this year even as oil and gas production has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

NPR – Facing many unknowns, states rush to plan distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

Even the most effective, safest coronavirus vaccine won't work to curb the spread of the virus unless a large number of people get immunized. And getting a vaccine from the manufacturers all the way into people's arms requires complex logistics — and will take many months.

Kaiser Health News – Most home health aides ‘can’t afford not to work’ — Even when lacking PPE

In March, Sue Williams-Ward took a new job, with a $1-an-hour raise. The employer, a home health care agency called Together We Can, was paying a premium — $13 an hour — after it started losing aides when COVID-19 safety concerns mounted.

The New York Times – A rapid test offers hope for community screening

A $5 rapid test for the coronavirus may be nearly as effective as the slower, more complex polymerase chain reaction test for identifying people who may spread the coronavirus, a novel experiment has found.

The Hill – WHO study finds no benefit from remdesivir on COVID-19 deaths, hospital stays

The antiviral drug remdesivir had no substantial impact on the survival of COVID-19 patients or the length of their hospital stays, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) clinical trial.