Associated Press – Barrett to face senators on health care, legal precedent

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett will face senators’ questions over her approach to health care, legal precedent and even the presidential election during a second day of confirmation hearings on track to lock in a conservative court majority for years to come.

Associated Press – Europe eyes new restrictions as virus cases hit record high

Governments across Europe ratcheted up restrictions Tuesday in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus as the continent recorded its highest weekly number of new infections since the start of the pandemic.

NPR – More companies are using technology to monitor for coronavirus in the workplace

In March, Dr. Achintya Moulick found himself at the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic. He oversees three CarePoint Health hospitals in northern New Jersey and in the early days of the pandemic, they were swamped. "We had no idea what this infection was all about," he says.


Kaiser Health News – Black doctors work to make coronavirus testing more equitable

When the coronavirus arrived in Philadelphia in March, Dr. Ala Stanford hunkered down at home with her husband and kids. A pediatric surgeon with a private practice, she has staff privileges at a few suburban Philadelphia hospitals. For weeks, most of her usual procedures and patient visits were canceled. So she found herself, like a lot of people, spending the days in her pajamas, glued to the TV.

New York Times – In terms of child mortality, it’s a good time for public health

Rule one of Hollywood screenwriting is, “don’t kill the kid.” Well, actually, rule one is more famously, whatever you do, don't kill the dog. But if you happen to be a pediatrician who occasionally moonlights as a screenwriter, children come up more frequently; my limited life writing television scripts has involved being hired because someone wants high-stakes pediatric drama, and then being asked to delete story lines about seriously ill children, because sick and dying children are hard to watch. It’s not easy to construct high-stakes pediatric drama without endangering children, though I’ve tried.