US News - Warmer world is unhealthier place for children

Children are growing up in a warmer world that will hit them with more and different health problems than their parents experienced, a new report on climate change from The Lancet Commission finds.

The Washington Post - Deadly superbugs pose greater threat than previously estimated

Drug-resistant germs sicken about 3 million people every year in the United States and kill about 35,000, representing a much larger public health threat than previously understood, according to a long-awaited report released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The New York Times – To drive down insulin prices, WHO will certify generic versions

With insulin prices skyrocketing and substantial shortages developing in poorer countries, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday that it would begin testing and approving generic versions of the drug.

The Hill – Adult cigarette smoking rates hit all-time low in U.S.

About 13.7 percent of adults, or 34.2 million people, smoked cigarettes in 2018, slightly down from the previous year, according to the new report from CDC.

NPR - Activists protest USDA changes that threaten free school lunch

Activists protest to the USDA in regards to SNAP that would also affect the free school lunch program.

Kaiser Health News - Nursing home safety violations put residents at risk

Inspectors found hundreds of potentially life-threatening violations of safety and emergency requirements, including blocked emergency exit doors, unsafe use of power strips and extension cords, and inadequate fuel for emergency generators, according to a report.