Notice anything different?

APHA's Public Health Newswire has been bringing you the latest in public health news since 2011. And now we have a brand-new website with a fresh, clean design and updated APHA branding. We hope you like it.

Among the new features here at

  • A Climate Change post category. Addressing the health impacts of climate change is an APHA priority. You can peruse all our recent blog posts related to this important topic, including posts from the 2017 APHA Annual Meeting and Expo and the one announcing our new Center for Climate, Health and Equity. APHA's Louise Dettman is producing a series of Q&A posts with the scholarship winners from the Student Advocacy Bootcamp highlighting how these health equity and climate justice champions are putting advocacy into action.
  • A NPHW post category. National Public Health Week is an important time to celebrate and advocate for public health and to help communities take action. You'll find links to social media webinars, themed posts from subject-matter experts and tips on how to make the most out of your NPHW celebrations.
  • News from The Nation's Health. This post category gives you a peek at some of the coverage from APHA's award-winning newspaper.

We're still tweaking things around here in the coming weeks as we gear up for the 2019 APHA Annual Meeting and Expo. During the meeting, Nov. 2-6, be sure to swing by and read all our great posts from Philly. We hope you'll chime in and comment on posts that speak to you.

Have an idea to share? Think we're missing something? Let us know if you have suggestions on how we can improve Public Health Newswire for you. Meanwhile, enjoy our new digs.