Washington Post - As White House’s social distancing guidelines expire, health experts worry mixed messages will spur public complacency

As the federal government’s social distancing guidelines expire Thursday to be replaced by less stringent advice, health officials worry some governors may relax the measures prematurely and the public will become complacent — even as an estimated 20,000 new cases of the disease caused by the coronavirus are reported daily.

NBC News Today DC – Calls to poison control have spiked. Are you using cleaning products safely?

Paranoia over the COVID-19 pandemic may be driving many Americans to clean their homes way beyond a typical spring cleaning. In the first quarter of 2020, calls related to exposure to cleaning products and disinfectants soared by 20 percent, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

New York Times – Streets should be car-free during lockdown. And after.

This week the mayor announced that he would indeed set aside up 100 miles of road in phases, the first 40 miles over the next month. Though many of the details have yet to be finalized, the police will monitor closings in some capacity. Advocates for livable streets have had a hard time understanding why the police would be so critical to the venture given that other cities like Oakland, Calif., have largely managed to ban traffic from select locations with barricades and signs.

Associated Press – A coronavirus drug seems to work. What’s next?

News that an experimental drug seems to be the first effective treatment for the new coronavirus has unleashed a flurry of interest – and a clamor to know how soon it might be available.

NPR – How reliable are COVID-19 tests? Depends which one you mean

Testing for the coronavirus has been very much in the news. The first and most urgent focus is on increasing access to tests to diagnose people with current infections. But now other tests are appearing as well. Antibody tests, which can identify people with signs of past infection, are starting to be available. And a third type of test is on the way.