KateRobbGuest blogger Katherine Robb is Senior Program Manager for Environmental Health at APHA’s Center for Public Health Policy.

Earth Day is a global day of civic engagement and political action on the environment. On this day and throughout the year, APHA brings national attention to environmental health – the relationship between the environment and our health.

We address issues and promote sound policies that protect the health, well-being and quality of life of the public in all communities across the country. Through our 2017 Year of Climate Change and Health campaign, APHA demonstrated that climate change is public health’s greatest challenge.

We raised awareness of the health impacts of climate change and encouraged members to #ActOnClimate. APHA continues to work with partners to advance equitable climate change solutions and to mobilize action among our network.

We can each do our part for the environment. Personally, I shop at my local farmer’s market with reusable bags, eat meat infrequently and always strive to actively commute. Here’s how other APHA staff commit to protecting the environment:

  • Georges Benjamin, Executive Director – I plan to recommit on Earth Day by enhancing my recycling efforts.
  • Ivana Castellanos, Policy Analyst, Environmental Health – I walk to work, bring my lunch in a reusable bag and drink from a reusable water bottle.
  • Natasha DeJarnett, Policy Analyst, Environmental Health – I work to advance awareness about the health impacts of climate change and strive to highlight the voices of vulnerable populations in the conversation! #ClimateChangesHealth
  • Louise Dettman, Communications Specialist – I bike to work, recycle, freecycle (one person’s trash is another’s treasure!) and volunteer at Anacostia Watershed Society river cleanups to #EndPlasticPollution.
  • David Fouse, Director, Communications and Marketing – I take public transit or bike to work, and I always reduce, reuse and recycle!
  • Megan Lowry, Communications Specialist – I walk instead of drive whenever I can and try to waste as little food as possible. Not wasting leftovers or food scraps forces some creative cooking adventures!
  • Regina Davis Moss, Associate Executive Director, Center for Public Health Policy – I buy sustainable products, freecycle so usable items stay out of landfills and raise awareness about important environmental issues whenever I can.
  • Olubukolami Musa, Program Associate, Environmental Health – I make use of a reusable water bottle and lunchware, print less and recycle used papers, disconnect my appliances at the end of each day and travel to work via Metrorail.
  • Surili Sutaria Patel, Deputy Director, Center for Public Health Policy – I vote and engage elected officials on environmental issues. I also talk to friends and family about the downstream environmental health consequences of our consumer choices made upstream.
  • Susan L. Polan, Associate Executive Director, Public Affairs and Advocacy – I walk and use public transit and am teaching my son about the role he plays now and in the future to create and advocate for a healthy planet.

This Earth Day, we encourage you to think about how you can make a difference in protecting our environment and what actions you can take to create a healthier environment for all.