Kaiser Health News – Big Brother wants to track your location and health data. And that’s not all bad

A growing mix of health and technology experts are convinced that if the United States is to ever effectively track the coronavirus and slow its spread, then both self-reported and more surreptitiously gathered personal data — a mix of information about location, travel, symptoms and health conditions ― must be gathered from millions of Americans.

The Courier – 'Those numbers take your breath away': Why black Americans are dying from COVID-19 at alarming rates

Public health experts say these disparities are the consequence of decades of inequitable access to health insurance, lower quality healthcare, and reduced access to basic social and economic necessities.

The American Prospect – Building a new health care corps

Today, as our country faces an epic public-health and economic crisis, we should take a page from FDR’s Depression-era playbook. We should create a Public Health Corps of newly unemployed American men and women, who instead of building fire towers and trails will be retrained in the vital work of contact tracing for the coronavirus.

The Hill – Senior Pa. banking official calls for another $2T package; Trump tips hat to govs

President Trump has unveiled ‘Guidelines for Opening Up America Again.’ The White House’s plan for getting the economy back up and running is a three-phased approach “based on the advice of public health experts.” Trump emphasized in Thursday’s coronavirus task force briefing that the federal government will be involved to support states, but ultimately, the nation’s governors are going to “call their own shots.”

US News – Experts worry politics will guide voters’ virus precautions

Public health experts are becoming concerned that people will use their partisan identification to decide which officials to believe whenever parts of the country start edging back to a new normal.

Los Angeles Times – The resumption of NBA season might rely on protocols not yet available

Five weeks of discussions have yielded few answers and left the league, as well as the country, grappling with how to reopen. Commissioner Adam Silver has said the NBA is still not ready to make decisions about the 2020 season, and that a resumption would hinge on such factors as the availability of wide-scale testing, antibody therapy and vaccination.