APHA staff holding March for Science signsOn April 14, scientists around the world will gather for the second annual March for Science. The march is a place to unify and speak out on behalf of science and evidence-based thinking. Every day, APHA members and supporters fight for public health practices and policy that are backed by science, not opinion. Here’s a few reasons why public health supports the March for Science.

We need to protect evidence-based health laws, including the Affordable Care Act and Prevention and Public Health Fund

The ACA helped 20 million people gain health insurance and access to health care, while promoting prevention. The law created the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which pays for nearly 12 percent of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention budget and funds activities across the country. We know from research that the ACA has helped ease health disparities and improve health outcomes. Science supports these policies. APHA advocates for continued support for the Prevention and Public Health Fund and strengthening the ACA.

We need evidence-based public health solutions

There are countless public health challenges that still need investment: gun violence, health equity and injury prevention. We need more funding for science and research to create strategies and solutions that work for every community. To achieve these goals, we urge our representatives to maintain and expand public health funding for agencies and programs including CDC, the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency to continue solving these issues.

Climate changes health

The consequences of climate change have far-reaching effects on public health. Climate change impacts the water supply, the spread of vector borne illnesses and increases extreme weather events. The current administration is attempting to weaken climate change protections such as the Clean Power Plan, which is essential to limiting carbon pollution from power plants. We march to push for climate changes strategies, and call on Congress to support climate change adaptation and tackle the public health issues that come with it.

We Speak for Health

We believe that a fully funded and trained workforce improves public health. We believe that evidence and science-based research should not be silenced. We know that every person has their own reasons to speak for health, march, and call their representatives. To protect public health, we challenge you to find your reasons and share them.

You can learn more about where to march in your community or join us in DC. APHA members will meet at the White House Visitors Center on 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW at 3 p.m. (updated time) to march together. APHA also created printable signs to take to your March or share on social media.

Can’t march? Find other ways to Speak for Health and take action.