APHA staff in orange, with Wear Orange sign

Yesterday, APHA joined Everytown for Gun Safety and numerous public health supporters nationwide to wear orange on National Gun Violence Awareness Day, an observance created to make it easier for people to show their support for common sense solutions that will prevent gun violence and save lives.

APHA’s gun violence fact sheet underscores the importance of taking a public health approach to prevent more than 100,000 people in the U.S. who die or suffer non-fatal injuries from guns. The fact sheet does two things: It defines the burden of gun violence in our nation and outlines strategies to prevent gun violence.

APHA outlines a public health approach because, as detailed in the fact sheet, gun violence in the U.S:

  • vastly outpaces that in comparable countries;
  • affects people of all ages and races in the U.S. but has a disproportionate impact on young adults, males and racial/ethnic minorities;
  • is responsible for mass homicides and suicides; and
  • costs the U.S. $229 billion, or an average of $700 per gun.

However, the fact sheet demonstrates that gun violence is preventable. To enhance the public health response, APHA recommends actions including bolstered surveillance and research, commonsense gun policies, expanded access to mental health services, resources for school- and community-based prevention and gun safety technology.

Visit APHA’s gun violence page to find out how we’re championing prevention.

Photo by Natalie McGill, The Nation's Health