logo, National Public Health WeekAlmost two months into APHA’s Billion Steps Challenge, we’ve collectively logged 927,780,765 steps! All of the teams have been making positive strides, but it can be hard to see the finish line in the middle of a race. To push through until April 12, explore some fun ways to mix up your regular walking routine.

Try a new trail.
Several free walking apps can create walking paths for you. It’s a fun way to venture into areas of your community you haven’t seen before.

Listen to a new playlist.
Music can distract you, put you in a better mood and help you go farther for longer. If your playlist is getting repetitive, add something new today!

Can’t step?
All movement counts! The WalkerTracker app allows you to log various activities, including using a wheelchair and other ADA-recommended activities. Try a new type of movement today!

Invite a friend.
Moving with a pal can build structure into your walking schedule, and catching up with a friend is a good substitute for a playlist, no matter how energizing.

Now is the time to walk, so get out there! If you haven’t joined the challenge yet, you can still start or join a team. Then put your best foot forward: There are only six more weeks for you and your team to collect those steps!